Shiitake Mushrooms Tampa

Shiitake Mushrooms Tampa

Locally Grown Mushrooms have become a favorite among Vegans, Mushroom lovers, and others looking to eat healthily. Among these Mushrooms gaining popularity are the Shiitake mushrooms (which descend from East Asia). These mushrooms have been gaining recognition for their delicious taste and various health benefits, which help fight diseases related to immune deficiency, heart, and cancer. For that reason, this article will show you how to get Shiitake mushrooms in Tampa and its benefits. Shiitake Mushrooms and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are amongst the most popular Mushrooms at Cactus Hat Mushrooms.

First of all, what are Shiitake mushrooms?

As mentioned above, Shiitake mushrooms are edible mushrooms from East Asia. They are characterized by their dark brown color, their size of no more than 4 inches, and their intense aroma. Its most common presentation is dehydrated rather than fresh and is usually the perfect addition to soups, scrambled eggs, among other dishes. It is recommended that they are not cooked for more than 7 minutes so that they do not lose their nutritional properties. And in addition to being delicious, they are also a perfect option to help with the treatment of illnesses. Over time, the United States has become one of the consumers of dry shiitake. That is why by the end of this article, you will know where to get Shiitake mushrooms in Tampa.

What are some health benefits?

Shiitake mushrooms’ benefits in regards to health are countless. Starting with the fact that it contains components that might be useful for treating infections, liver problems, fatigue, kidney disease, and other ailments. They stand out mainly because they are perfect for boosting the defenses of the immune system since they contain Lentinane (which fulfills the task of being an immunostimulant and reducing blood fat levels, including having positive antiviral and antithrombotic effects).

In addition, it could also be implemented to help reduce cancer cells in the body by fighting tumors and reducing the spread of leukemia cells. Finally, another remarkable property of Shiitake mushrooms is their benefits to the heart. Thanks to three compounds, erythadenine, sterols, and beta glucans, it can help reduce cholesterol. And for those people who want to keep a slim figure, these mushrooms have essential amino acids for our body. These Mushrooms contain vitamins A, B, B12, C and D, iron, minerals, along with other compounds that allow the absorption of fat. Perfect for those who want to lose weight.

Where can you get them in Tampa and Orlando?

Due to their popularity, more and more restaurants and individuals are looking to buy these locally.  You can order Shiitake Mushrooms in Tampa/Orlando at Cactus Hat Mushrooms. We offer pickup and delivery service for Tampa and surrounding areas.

You can order through our website (if currently in stock), call 813-444-9245, or contact You can also contact us through our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Freshly Grown in Tampa

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Shiitake Tampa

Interested in growing shiitake mushrooms by yourself in Tampa?

Want to harvest your own Shiitake mushrooms in Tampa? Good news! Cactus Hat Mushrooms sells a Shiitake mushroom growing kit, so you won’t have to leave home to eat this excellent healthful snack. For this, you must have adequate space for growth with a room temperature between 60 and 70ºF. It is also recommended that these mushrooms have indirect light and a moment of misting in the day to preserve their humidity. In case you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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