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Reishi Mushrooms in Tampa

Medicine is a pretty broad spectrum. Before the industrialization of pharmaceuticals, people used to turn to nature to find a palliative to reduce the suffering caused by diseases. Although natural alternatives are less popular today because of modern medicine, many people have been able to rediscover those properties that provide certain benefits from nature, specifically mushrooms. Such has been the impact of mushrooms (whose use has always been in Asian countries like China). Reishi Mushrooms provide a variety of health benefits. You can get Reishi Mushrooms in Tampa at Cactus Hat Mushrooms.

What are they?

Reishi Mushrooms, known by the scientific name of Ganoderma lucidum, is a fungus native to Asia that grows in warm and humid environments. Although they have been adapted to modern cuisine, the use of this mushroom has been especially popular for its medicinal properties in China and Japan for over 2000 years. The positive impact of its consumption has been such that several places in the United States have begun to use it due to its amazing nutritional potential.

What are their health benefits?

In these times when an immune system is more needed to be boosted, Reishi Mushrooms are the best alternative. Thanks to their polysaccharides, antioxidant properties, and beta-glucans, they help strengthen the immune and circulatory systems of not only those who may be ill but also those who are healthy.

In addition, Reishi Mushrooms might have anti-cancer properties. According to one study, out of 4,000 breast cancer survivors, 59% were found to have a strict diet of Reishi mushrooms. Other research supports this theory, indicating that treatments with Reishi mushrooms have been successful in reducing the number and size of tumors. Finally, it is worth talking about its relaxing and anti-stress properties, and it can even help to fight fatigue and depression. This is one of the Mushrooms in Tampa with the most health benefits.

What do they taste like?

Let’s be honest, they do not taste great. In fact, its taste is predominantly bitter. However, it is highly acclaimed due to the properties explained above, making it highly desired. To make its consumption more pleasant, many connoisseurs recommend mixing it with hot chocolate or decaffeinated coffee, which is food already bitter itself. If you want to make your Reishi Mushrooms in Tampa drinking experience something unique, you can combine this mushroom with coconut butter or almond milk.

What foods to they go in?

Reishi Mushrooms require some prior knowledge to be eaten to get the most out of them. It is recommended that you only eat the white part of the mushroom and avoid the yellow areas. Fresh Reishi should be eaten in moderation. The best way to eat this specific mushroom is through a bowl of soup or tea. Another appropriate format for Reishi is pasta. For medical consumption, it is recommended to take it as an extract in liquid form, in capsule, or powder.

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