Pink Oyster Mushrooms Tampa

Pink Oyster Mushrooms in Tampa

Pink Oyster Mushrooms are similar to the common Oyster Mushrooms but moister,  stronger smell, and vibrant pink color (that fades away when they are cooked). This specific species is a tropical one, therefore it prefers the warm temperatures with high humidity. Depending on their growing conditions, the structure of Pink Oyster Mushrooms can be quite thick and meaty or thin and delicate. Let’s find out a little bit more about their health benefits and how good they might be for your dishes.

Pink Oyster Mushrooms’ health benefits

Several experts have examined how Pink Oyster Mushrooms health benefits work, acknowledging a high nutritional value and different benefits concerning our immune system.

  • Nutrition: although they are not considered a staple of a regular diet, Pink Oyster Mushrooms are highly recommended thanks to their nutritional value. They are ideal for healthier meals, as they are low in fat, have no cholesterol, and provide a variety of protein, fiber, and vitamins like riboflavin and niacin.
  • Anti-oxidant: according to various studies, they might be good for your health due to an anti-oxidant effect. However, there is still more research needed to be certain about their medical value.
  • A boost for the immune system: there have been other studies in rats that demonstrate the Pink oyster mushroom provides possible support for the immune system. The rats that were chosen for this analysis had their immune system challenged, with the idea of getting a positive response when inducing the extract of the mushrooms.
  • Vascular support: The properties of Pink Oyster Mushrooms have been considered as a possibility to manage the vascular system, thanks to a study in which an extract of the mentioned mushrooms was given to a group of rats that had been put on an unhealthy diet. This group was already suffering from a high level of cholesterol and by feeding them the extract, an improvement in their system was noticed, returning to regular levels.
  • Possible benefits in dealing with cancer ailments: their substance has been used in experiments related to sarcoma in mice to understand their anti-tumor properties. In one of these studies, two different groups were divided and infected with cancerous cells. Then, the extract was provided to one of those groups, resulting in them having way smaller tumors.

Do they have side effects?

Pink oyster mushrooms generally don’t cause any complications, although some people have had mild allergic reactions, so it’s recommended to be careful when ingesting them. It is important to know that this species is safer when eaten cooked, and they also taste better that way, in addition to lasting longer.

What do they taste like?

One of the best parts of the Pink Oyster Mushrooms is that they can be prepared in multiple ways. They can be added along with other vegetables to soups or dishes with spaghetti. When cooking them, you are going to notice how they acquire a flavor similar to bacon (if done properly). It will take around 20 minutes for them to taste like that and to have an edible consistency, otherwise, their flavor would be bittersweet if they are still raw.

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