Blue Oyster Mushrooms Tampa

Blue Oyster Mushrooms Tampa

The demand for Freshly Grown Mushrooms has increased over the years due to their nutritional value and great taste.  In the last few years, people been discovering the nutritional and health benefits that Mushrooms have to offer. Blue Oyster Mushrooms are a natural food that has been part of the diet of Asian countries for millennia. These Mushrooms have become one of the most popular varieties in the United States. Due to the great variety and types of mushrooms, to classify them all in the same circle would be a mistake, since they have different properties and benefits. For this reason, in this article we will learn a little more about Blue Oyster Mushrooms and where to buy/get them. Cactus Hat Mushrooms is the best place to get Blue Oyster Mushrooms in Tampa (Also try our Lion’s Mane Mushrooms).

What are Blue Oyster Mushrooms?

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are edible mushrooms. Although they have sizes or colors that can vary (there are yellow, pink, light gray, and grayish-brown mushrooms), they are easy to identify due to the smooth texture and the shape of the head of the mushroom. The Blue Oyster Mushrooms have nutritional and medicinal properties beneficial to health, such as strengthening the immune system, raising antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and antiallergic. Due to its healthy nutrients, it is a great option to help fight obesity because it inhibits the accumulation of lipids in the blood.

They are usually between 5 and 25cm in size, have decurrent gills, and the stems are sometimes short and stubby, usually in the shape of a fan. This type of mushroom, along with Shiitake Mushrooms, is the most cultivated around the world and is very versatile when used in the kitchen.

How do they taste? In which meals can I use them?

The Blue Oyster Mushrooms have a look that varies between a white and dark white tone that gives it precisely a blue hue. It has a consistent texture, mild smell, and a sweet and pleasant taste for the palate. Our Blue Oysters feature large firm caps and tender stems making them perfect for pan or deep frying as they hold together well. They have the same texture of the White Oyster, but without the Seafood taste. The most experienced cooks usually prepare them with butter and garlic to accompany dishes such as pasta, soups, or garnishes. Due to its texture, flavor, and chewy consistency, it is often used as a replacement for meat. Others also attribute it to an oyster-like flavor and a subtle aniseed flavor. The taste is subtle and not too overwhelming.

How do you grow them?

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are easy to grow at home because they grow quickly, watching the process is a truly unique experience. These mushrooms were originally native to Europe, North America, and Asia and have grown wild for many years. They began to be grown commercially in the 1940s.

The fantastic thing about this mushroom is that they are not incredibly difficult to grow (check out our Blue Oyster Grow Kit). One can find them in their natural habitat in hardwood trunks and stumps, already in decomposition. You can plant them yourself using fresh ground coffee, pasteurized straw, sawdust, Oyster Mushroom Spawn, and water sprinklers.

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Blue Oyster Mushrooms Tampa

Where can I buy them? And if I want to grow them myself, where can I get Mushroom Growing Kits?

If you are looking for Blue Oyster Mushrooms in Tampa, you can enlist the help of one of the best mushroom suppliers in Tampa.  Cactus Hat Mushrooms sells Blue Oyster Grow Kits in Tampa and Orlando. We are a Mushroom farm that serves several cities in Florida, especially restaurants and hobbyists. If you want to start growing your own mushroom, you can purchase a kit with the necessary instructions on our website. If you are interested in contacting us, you can call 813-444-9245, contact, or visit their Facebook fan page for more information. Pick-up and delivery service is available.


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