Black Pearl Oyster Mushrooms

Black King Oyster Mushrooms in Tampa

Eating Healthy these days does not have to break the bank. Cactus Hat Mushrooms offers delicious and healthy Mushrooms at a low cost.  Cactus Hat Mushrooms offers products like black pearl oyster mushrooms that are locally grown. The Black Pearl or Black King Mushroom is both nutritious and delicious. All of our Mushrooms are made fresh at our Mushroom Farm and delivered to your table. Once you try our Mushrooms, you will never look at grocery store Mushrooms the same again.

What are they?

Black Pearl Oysters come from the Oyster Family, which have been commercially cultivated since the 1940’s. They have become increasingly popular in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Black Pearl aka Black Pearl King Mushrooms are cultivated in our farm and have an earthy flavor that pairs well with vegan dishes. It is a delicious and healthy option to add to your favorite dish.

Their Cultivation process normally happens at supervised farms, where any kind of sawdust or agriculture-waste (with enough lignin and cellulose) will be okay as a substrate to grow them. It will take around 25 days for fruit bodies to appear after spawn inoculation.

Black Pearl Oyster mushrooms’ health benefits

The best part about currently available products like black pearl oyster mushroom is that they contain a lot of elements that our body often requires. For example, these mushrooms have a specific number of nutrients, including iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, and vitamins such as C, D, B1, B3, B5, and B12. Besides that, they contain polysaccharides, a compound that, according to studies, might have anti-tumor effects, and statins, that makes Black Pearl Oyster Mushrooms ideal to lower the levels of cholesterol.

Specific nutrient facts

Apart from being rich in vitamins and other compounds, this species contains 28 calories in just one cup, also low in carbohydrates. In addition, they are very low in sugar (since they only contain 1 gram of it).  To top it all off, Black Pearl Oyster Mushrooms only contains 0.3 grams of fat per serving.

Freshly Grown in Tampa

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Where can you get them in Florida?

Due to the increasing relevance of black pearl king oyster mushrooms around the world, expert farmers are finding more demand to grow them. There is a huge difference in the taste of Fresh Mushrooms compared to Grocery bought Mushrooms. Cactus Hat Mushrooms supply’s traditional restaurants, vegan restaurants, farmers’ markets, and individual clients. Try out Black Pearl King Mushrooms today! Order online or call us at 813-444-9245.




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